Can you become the ultimate chemistry champion?

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Registration And Online Quiz Close in

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  • Stage One

    Students are to register on site for the competition and generate a printout for identification.

    Stage Two

    Top successful 200 students from across the country would seat for 1st stage test; across 3 centers-Lagos, Abuja & PortHarcourt.

    Stage Three

    Top successful 13 students from each center would compete in the practical test to be held in Lagos, Abuja & PortHarcourt.

    Grand Finale

    The top 6 students (2 each from Lagos, Abuja & PortHarcourt) will compete for the grand prize of N1m.
  • 1st Prize

    Student: ₦1,000,000
    Teacher: ₦250,000
    School: Desktop and Lab Equipment
  • 2nd Prize

    Student: ₦750,000
    Teacher: ₦150,000
    School: Desktop and Lab Equipment
  • 3rd Prize

    Student: ₦500,000
    Teacher: ₦100,000
    School: Desktop and Lab Equipment
  • 2019 PZ Cussons Chemistry Challenge Recap

  • Show Your Flair For Chemistry

  • Entry Requirements

    • The competition is open to all SS 2 Chemistry students in Nigerian Schools.
    • Students have to be schooling within Nigeria.
    • Students are to be sponsored by their Secondary School and/or Parent.
    • Entries are open to both Private and Public Secondary Schools.
    • After registration, candidates would be required to printout a computer generated docket (with passport picture, name, school, passport, parent's and principal's name) for identification.
    • All registered students are required to undertake the online quiz which will form the basis for the initial shortlisting.
  • Hall of fame
    Disclaimer: The PZ Cussons Chemistry Challenge (PZCCC) is a CSR initiative of PZ Cussons Nigeria limited, open to only SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL (SSS) students schooling in Nigeria and its wholly a competition to test the Chemistry IQ of SSS students. The PZCCC is NOT a scholarship scheme, neither is it a recruitment opportunity for individuals seeking such.